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Ghost Kitchens: The Smarter Way to Open a Food Franchise in 2021

Considering opening a franchise restaurant but are concerned about the restrictions? Ghost Kitchens are now the smarter way to open a franchise.

Here’s The Top 8 Trends That Will Impact the Restaurant Industry in 2021

We’re diving into the top 8 trends that will affect the restaurant industry in 2021, so you can stay ahead of the trend and adapt for the future. 

Five Different Types of Ghost Kitchens You Probably Didn’t Know About - And Which One’s Right For You

We're serving up the inside scoop on the different types of ghost kitchens, so you can decide which best suits your business.

Here’s How to Open a Restaurant with Low Risk and Low Capital

Believe it or not, 2021 is the year of the restaurant. Ghost kitchens are making it possible for you to get into the game with low risk and low capital. 

CloudKitchens Customer Spotlight: Frjtz

Hear from Frjtz, one of our top partners and see how they've been able to quickly expand and scale their brand with CloudKitchens.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Ghost Kitchens

With delivery demand at an all time high, restaurateurs are turning to ghost kitchens. Learn more about how to future proof your restaurant.

Looking For a Commercial Kitchen for Rent? Here's How to Get Prime Real Estate at a Fraction of the Cost

Commercial kitchens offer cheap real estate located within a delivery hotspot. Learn how to capture prime real estate at a lower cost.

Navigating the Online Food Delivery World: Best Practices For Delivery Apps

With commercial kitchens optimized for delivery, you're able to streamline each order on one single tablet. Learn how to navigate online delivery.